Chapter 1: Pen & Paper

We explain in the first chapter all the basics. You have never played? Then start here and slowly get into the topic.

Chapter 2: The rules

All the rules you need are divided into core and optional rules. Beginners do not need all the rules and experts need their challenges.

Chapter 3: Equipment

In addition to the rules, you need equipment. We’ll tell you how to buy it, how to make it, and even become an absolute business magnate.

Chapter 4: GM

Also for the Game Master we have a chapter of our own that not only helps them to handle the rules but how they can create their own without being unbalanced.

Die vergessenen Chroniken. For beginners and reputed players!

Magical Talents

The Author

Kendel Ventonda is a player, game master and author. Just as he illustrates, writes and plays. It has always been important to me that people come together and play together. For a lifetime. Fantasy is not just for children. The inner child wants to play. And it can do that too. With this thought, I wrote Die vergessenen Chroniken – Nothing stays forgotten.

It has always been my dream to write and to give people with stories a joy. So it was obvious that I would play role-playing games. But writing them was also a hobby. When I realized that I could also make people happy, the next step was obvious.
Today many people write about their adventures, their wishes and what they like most. And each of these emails and letters confirms that I have fulfilled my dream.

Your journey starts here!