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The vademecum

As a free set of rules, every interested player can use the vademecum. It contains the most basic rules to try out the game.


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The calendar

A calendar for each year with 9 months and 15 days each. For every Stylite a month to celebrate.

Also in print-friendly version without background.

Character sheets

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Character sheets for players

This character sheet is the latest version for Basic Rules players.

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Character sheet for NPC

This character sheet is the latest version for the game master of the basic rules. It is mostly used for opponents. But players can also use this to capture companions and animal companions.


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The Aporue continent is the only known among the five featured. In this basic rule, we will deal exclusively with this continent and continue to describe it in detail. Thus, the game master is free to use the other four continents not described. For beginners, however, it is recommended to start on Aporue. Here, the game master has less work to do, and players have the necessary material to navigate this world. To make it easier to get started, first of all Aporue is explained and then the individual kingdoms. Of course, there are many other minor principalities throughout Aporue, but they are too numerous to cover in detail in this work.

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This continent is basically not part of the basic rule, but appears together with the enlargement already in progress. For players who already want to have a bigger map, they can now download and use it for free. Stories, descriptions of the locations and the new peoples then appear below with the Proxy Kindai extension.

Example characters

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Bianca Feru

Bianca Feru is the youngest child of Elisa and Havon Feru. She spent her childhood in Königshaven, where her parents own a bookstore. Very early on it turned out that Bianca has a great intellectual talent.

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Toula Caron

Toula Caron spent her life in Schwarzinger, where she and her two brothers work as hunters. Toula is considered the most temperamental of the three siblings, often only her two brothers can restrain her when her temperament passes.

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Solius Titus Reva

Titus Reva is almost only known by his stage name Solius. He lives and works in Lesafour. Soluis is a well-known and respected singer performing in the best establishments in the city.

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