Die vergessenen Chroniken

Crepuscle dels Déus

“The forgotten chronicles” are not only eponymous for the game, but also central elements of the genesis. Verej’ka has been a world scourged by self-proclaimed gods (Cheru’by). At this time, also known as the Crepuscle dels Déus or the Twilight of the Gods, humans lived alone, and as the only civilized race under the hegemony of those Cheru’by, they were dependent on goodness and blessing. Every form of magic has been strictly administered, and only in a small form to humans, either as little miracles or as artifacts. The latter gave the gods their followers for their services and rewarded the partially enforced loyalty.

Matí dels Déus

After the humans, in particular the heroes known later as Stylites, who overran and defeated Cheru’by in a fateful war at the head of the Konfatalis mountains, the God’s Morning (Matí dels Déus) started. With the demise of the false gods, the ether, the cornerstone of magic, found its way into the earthly world (Kamah), marking the beginning of the new world.

After very few people survived the battle against the Cheru’by, only a few stories from the time of Crepuscle dels Déus were left behind. Various groups formed to gather and archive the knowledge of bygone days to prevent the rise of new godlike beings. Many sources were forgotten after thousands of people did not return after the battle and many cities remained virtually empty. It took decades before people could reorganize themselves and the new world, especially in the light of newly developed capabilities, the new civilized peoples such as the Amarus and Ruah, the dangers of adolescent albums and much more.

Die vergessenen Chroniken

The sources, which until then had been forgotten, became objects of the desires of various organs, such as the Templars and rulers. What initially limited itself to written chronicles, soon extended to all the objects of the old world that had to be rediscovered. The term “The Forgotten Chronicles” established itself for this type of discovery and became the symbol of rediscovered relics, artifacts and similar documents of all forms.


The artifacts form a special form of the forgotten chronicles. They belong to the gifts of the Cheru’by to their followers. These objects were magical in nature and often made small miracles possible. Since they can not be reconstructed with the new world order and the free ether, these are eternally unique and are therefore also acted. There are artifacts that even occur frequently, while others were unique and therefore considered priceless.

[us_separator][us_message]For many game masters, the forgotten chronicles are a wonderful way to start a campaign. Basically, these items can represent everything and help to gain glory and honor. The world in its present state can be explored as well as the history of its origin. The game master can assemble these himself or draw from our sources and campaigns, short stories and books.[/us_message]
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