Since the basic rule is just in the trade, since already began the writing for the first expansion. The project entitled Proxy Kindai is already in the testing phase.

While the world Verej’ka is still in its infancy for the industrial revolution, we are in the expansion for several centuries in the future. In some levels we find elements of our present. We know the means of transport, the urban development and the economy well. On the other hand, it looks different with the very useful ethakome. A modular system designed to help every character cope with the wilderness. For where albums are still the exception in the basic rule, travelers must now prepare for the worst outside of cities. Only the steles protect the settlements from attacks by these supernatural beings.

Players can join in the expansion of a faction to pursue various goals or continue to work with the guilds. Or both. Who decides on a faction and reaches the highest rank there, even gets the opportunity to found their own outpost. This gives even more experienced players new content.

More information will be available soon. Useful is also our newsletter, which is only for these purposes.

What our test players say about this:

A worthy extension – Merlin M.

Proxy Kindai brings another exciting facet to the world of Verej’ka. Through innovations such as the Etherkom and the factions, there are even more game options and the fantasy setting is nicely complemented by the tech elements. – Maike R.

A completely new continent to discover, new races and new talent lists – the expansion is worth it for all fans of forgotten chronicles. – Susan B.

The only one I was looking forward to more than Christmas – Marcel W.

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DvC for Instagram

DvC for Instagram

29 April 2018

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