The magic in this world is accessible to everyone and is chosen by the player as a preference. He can choose from 1 to 2 lists and has 12 of them to choose from. Choose White Magic, Black Magic, Melee, Ranged, Arts, Shadow Art, Breath, Witchcraft, and more. Each list contains 20 learnable magical abilities, allowing them to choose from a total of 240 magical talents. Even if the player has opted for two of them, making them much easier to learn, the player is not tied to his or her preference and may, with some effort, take skills out of his or her preference.

Eine in einer Robe gekleidete Klant bändigt Wasser, wie es üblicherweise Traditionisten tun.

Klant tames the waters

This allows a player to create a fighter who understands in white magic or even masters manipulative talents. Or you play an artist who spits fire, plays music and works as an assassin at night. Or a black mage who knows about ranged combat, or whatever a player likes to play. And although a character can hypothetically learn any magical talent, it quickly becomes clear that each player must find a role in the group. For those who use teamwork and skillfully combined their own magical talents with those of companions, is clearly superior to loners. Not all magical talents are designed for combat alone, but empower the user for otherwise impossible actions. For example, players can fly their characters, walk up walls, or teleport. Experienced players soon learn that every form of magic can be used ideally inside and outside the fight, revealing new strategic opportunities. Currently we have the following 12 talent lists in the rules:

  • White magic – Healing abilities, revival and manipulation of the life of one’s companions
  • Witch magic – Enemies are poisoned, blinded and otherwise manipulated in their states
  • Melee – Supporting the sword, the ax, the gavel, these talents can crush opponents downright
  • Black Magic – Elemental magic and direct death may be the only consequence
  • Time Magic – manipulation of time, whether it’s speeding up companions or slowing down enemies
  • Ranged – Using a bow and arrow or revolver, ranged foes can hit hard-to-reach targets and severely wound
  • Arts – An artist can play motivational music or even change the environment with drawings
  • Lug & Trug – Sometimes you have to cheat your own companions to get to your destination.
  • Breath – A puppeteer sharing his breath with his doll has more than one weapon at his side
  • Shadow Arts – Whether you use the shadow for yourself, wander up the walls or otherwise surprise opponents wil
  • Tradition – The original art of magic, the taming of elements that transform into the same is strong but also dangerous
  • Nature Magic – The magic of taking advantage of the immediate environment to aid companions and crush enemies
  • Ritualist – Anyone who has no natural attachment to magic can bind them to rituals and become a magician of pure arbitrariness.

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