Die vergessenen Chroniken – Basic Rules

German Printversion with hardcover in color and reading tape
Over 300 pages
240 magical talents
12 main races, 24 further sub-races
58 weapons with individual characteristics (+ 16 types of ammunition)
28 armor parts with individual characteristics
24 enemies and antagonists (and development guide for creatives)
20 Unique magical artifacts for experienced players
1 book with all necessary content for players and game masters (no further books necessary to play the game to the fullest!)


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Die vergessenen Chroniken is a fantasy-adventure pen and paper that I’ve kept developing over the past six years.

We were tired of playing all the fantasy books that used elves, dwarves, magicians, and dragons after all the same schemes. So we decided to develop a game that goes away from these standards. At the same time, however, we wanted to create a set of rules that would allow both game masters and players to have as much free space as possible for their own creativity. Game leaders should not only get their hands on the game, but should also be encouraged to use useful hints for the style of play and be motivated to contribute their own content. And so was the Forgotten Chronicles with its 12 races, 24 sub-races, 240 magical talents, skills, guilds, craft recipes, and more. But find out more below.

Furthermore, we wanted to create a simple but complete set of rules. In particular, combat systems can become very extravagant and overwhelm beginners. We came up with an effective system that was easy to learn for beginners as well as inspiring experienced players to think strategically.

The set of rules is available as PDF with more than 300 pages and should now be significantly expanded and printed with all pages in full color and bound. Therefore, if the project is successful, we will be able to print and deliver the books as soon as possible.

Free content such as character sheet, maps and vademecum for the game start you can already get on the download page!

An extension is already in the works and will be available soon.

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Weight 1.2 kg
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