We chose 12 breeds that do not draw their source from the same fantasy works, but from the flora, fauna and their own imagination. From tiger people to plant creatures to those from the realm of the undead, players are free to unfold.

Each breed comes with a backstory and two sub-races, each of which has special abilities that underscore its uniqueness. There are a total of 24 selectable races. To introduce the main races, here is a small summary.

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Ancestors: Feline

Ailure are not only very agile creatures but make very delicate mechanisms, like no other people could do. They make small traps for drawers and locks, decoding machines and other equipment.

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Ancestors: Unknown

Their appearance is similar to that of humans. Apart from their showy skin, wandering pattern and their remarkable ability to disappear into the intermediate world.

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Ancestors: Flora

Smart, beautiful, powerful, so think Klant about yourself. Only your magic comes up to this level. They are considered scholars and collectors of forgotten chronicles.

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Ancestors: Amphibians

They have shimmering and colorful skin or even pale shades of gray. Although many of you live near water, a few of you enjoy the life of the most modern cities.

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Ancestors: Canide

Spirited, brutal, brute. Nature gave them a strong stature and unrestrained loyalty to those who respect them.

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Ancestors: Unknown

Humans are the only race that has been Verej’ka for eons of the world. They themselves know their story only fragmentarily, as it has been told since the time of God’s morning.

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Ancestors: Primates

The Meymuns prefer the wilderness over cities. Native settlements always consist of a series of wooden structures in the trees that can not be reached without climbing.

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Ancestors: Human

Nobody is sure where the Okandara came from, because one day, long after the Twilight of the Gods, they just appeared in the world. But they have a nearly white, if not slightly bluish shaded skin and are therefore also very sensitive to sunlight.

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Ancestors: Bird

Orney often has a beautiful singing voice and a showy plumage. Many of them turn to the arts and make the world happy with their presence, whether they like it or not.

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Ancestors: Reptiles

The Ronfaure (Singular Ronfauer) belong to a people that can be found almost exclusively in deserts and hot tundra. Their strong outer armor and their overall appearance are reminiscent of stone and metal.

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Ancestors: Wraith

They lived in a place that offered much better conditions for them. And these were the Crystal Veins that traveled the world.

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Ancestors: Bunnys & Hares

The vapines always lived secluded in the mountains, separating the southern and northern kingdoms. But when the humans came, the dangers came with them and expelled this agile race from their homeland.

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