The world

The term Verej’ka basically describes the entire world. Every country, whether explored or unexplored, every empire, every region, every continent is part of Verej’ka. In the center of Verej’ka there is the continent Aporue, which can be visited in the basic rules by the players. Surrounded by four other continents, these are the imagination of the game master and are available in the respective extensions visitable.

In this world and the basic rules, adventures are told about four hundred years after the fall of the false gods. In this time, magic is not only omnipresent and applied even by the poorest farmers to order the harvest, but the industrial age already knocks on the door. Mechanical carriages, freighters and railway lines pervade the countries. In a similar upheaval are the peoples. Between native tribes and urban cities, there is only a small degree of peace that every day wants to be maintained by diplomacy.

So decide for yourself whether you want to play a native shaman or a designer. Set your own goals and search for the forgotten chronicles that tell of the time four hundred years ago, collecting divine artifacts. Or become famous, no matter how, and find followers who swear allegiance to you. Verej’ka is yours!



The Aporue continent is the only known among the five featured. In this basic rule, we will deal exclusively with this continent and continue to describe it in detail. Thus, the game master is free to use the other four continents not described. For beginners, however, it is recommended to start on Aporue. Here, the game master has less work to do, and players have the necessary material to navigate this world. To make it easier to get started, first of all Aporue is explained and then the individual kingdoms. Of course, there are many other minor principalities throughout Aporue, but they are too numerous to cover in detail in this work.



This continent is basically not part of the basic rule, but appears together with the enlargement already in progress. For players who already want to have a bigger map, they can now download and use it for free. Stories, descriptions of the locations and the new peoples then appear below with the Proxy Kindai extension.

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